Breaking News: Adele sets world record

Adele says Hello to a world record with 2.43 million albums sold in four days


Alert the presses: Adele’s 25 has sold 2.433 million albums in less than four days, breaking the all time record for most albums sold in one week, with plenty to spare.
Billboard expects the new record to sell 2.9 million by week’s end, blowing away the 2.415 million unit mark that the previous record holder, *NSync, set in 2000 with No Strings Attached. 15 years later, global recorded music industry revenues in the streaming age are nowhere near where they were in 2000 — but that hasn’t stopped Adele. Billboard reported the powerful start for the debut today. (Notably, Billboard/Nielsen Music only began tracking album sales in 1991.)
The pop superstar, loved by both young and old, notably withheld 25 from music streamers like Spotify and Apple Music. While it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much of an effect the decision had on album sales (1,500 streaming plays are equated as a single album sale under Billboard’s current system), the decision to withold the album from Spotify, Apple Music, and others was clearly the impetus for at least some Adele fans to buy the record on CD or digital download.

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