Woman Burns Daughter At Her Private Part In Ikorodu

Information obtain from  a reader of a popular blog reveals that an unnamed woman in Ikorodu area of Lagos, has assaulted her own biological daughter for a very trivial reason.

According to the unnamed source, the woman allegedly burnt her 11 year old daughter with a hot iron from her thighs up to her private area because the young girl returned late from school.

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The incident happened on Friday, November 27 at No 27, Prof Adenusi street Aga ikorodu, Lagos State

11-year-old assaulted

Other photos were left out as they were too gruesome for public consumption.

According the blogpost, the woman is married to another man who is not the girls biological father.

The undisclosed source say the victim is still in the house, and no one has been allowed to see her.

There are calls for the authorities to take urgent disciplinary measures against the woman who has dealt cruelly with the 11-year-old.

In a similar development, a mother has been jailed for half a year after  brutally whipping her son as punishment for not finishing his homework.

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