Francis Odega says his wife understands why women want his attention

Nollywood actor and 2015 viral sensation Francis Odega in a recent interview has admitted that his wife has no other option than to cope with his female fans.
She doesn’t have a choice. Yes she doesn’t have a choice because I’m doing my job” said Francis Odega. The actor’s profile has grown considerably in 2015, a development that undoubtedly attracts more female fans to him.
With the attention of women, Francis Odega in an interview with Naija revealed his wife understands the line of business he is in.
And I always tell her that it is business, the attention comes with business. So when a female runs into me anywhere like maybe at a function I introduce her to my wife and all” he said.
Francis Odega also praised his wife for being one of his biggest fans. He also recollected how they both met.
You see, my wife was one of my greatest, still is one of my greatest fans. I actually met her at a concert where she had come to watch me perform. And that’s how we started. So she understands my job” the funny actor said.
This year Francis Odega became one of the biggest viral sensations of 2015 when his ‘gerara here’ video clip trended for months on social media.

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