INCEST: “I’m In Love With My Dad And Keeping His Baby”

A couple are fighting for custody of their baby which was taken from them just an hour after it was born because they are a father and a daughter!

According to the UK Sun, Sara, 18, and Cris, 36, had their daughter taken away from them after they went public with their incestuous relationship but insist they are very much in love.

The pair – whose surname is not known – from Mallorca, Spain, have defended their love even though incest is not a crime in Spain.

Shocking Incest Couple

In fact, Cris does not see what the big deal is!

“Our relationship started like they all do, with flirting, getting along and then trust. 

“We are father and daughter but she never has seen me as a father because, more than a father, I have been a friend,” he said.

Sara, who is the baby’s mother and half-sister, became pregnant at the age of 17 and Cris, who is the baby’s father and grandfather, claims she always wanted to be a mother.

The couple say they had been living happily until a month and a half before the baby was born when Cris’ ex (Sara’s mother) reported the pair to social services, a move that according to Cris was fuelled by jealousy.

“My ex-wife is jealous and cannot understand the relationship. So she is trying to destroy it, the baby’s father / grandfather said.

An hour after the baby girl was born, she was taken into custody by social services and the incestuous couple have not seen her since.

Sara and Cris were told that they had two options: either Sara would have to give up the child for adoption or move away and raise the baby alone.

The father and new grandfather has some choice words for people quick to judge his actions: I respect their opinion, but I do not care.”


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