Judge Convicts Oscar Pistorius For Murder

The lingering case of South African sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, who was originally convicted of manslaughter, or culpable homicide, for shooting Reeva Steenkamp has taken a new turn as a judge has ruled that Pistorius should have been charged convicted of murder and must be re-sentenced.

Oscar Pistorius

Metro.co.uk reports that the appeals court in South Africa had been asked to review the conviction and conclude whether it should be upgraded from manslaughter to murder.

According to Judge Eric, Pistorius had criminal intent and he is guilty of murder.

He said: “Guilty of murder, with the accused having criminal intent. The matter is referred back to the trial court to consider an appropriate sentence.”

The law code in South Africa stipulates 15 years imprisonment as the minimum sentence for murder cases.

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It would be recalled that a South African parole board has approved the placement under house arrest and correctional supervision for four years of Oscar Pistorius.

Pistorius was sentenced to five years in jail by a South African judge for killing his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s day in 2013.

He was sentenced for culpable homicide but he said he mistook her for an intruder when he shot her through a bathroom door in a home they shared together.


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