Read What Lecturer Did To Me Because Of Bisi, My Coursemate (II)

The lecturer’s invitation to his office was about the most dreaded moment for me in the school at the time, but who was I to say no to a lecturer’s call?

I got to the office after he had locked the door and had to knock on the door before gaining entrance to the ‘chambers’ as his office was commonly called by some students at the time.

“Yees, who’s that?” came the very harsh response from the other end.

Where I was, I did not know if I should return to the class or answer the question which seemed to have brought an unprecedented faeces to my bowels.


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“Err… it’s me, sir. The guy you asked to follow you after the Geography class in ND 1,” I replied in a more panicky voice.

He must have sensed the naivety in me and the panic with which I responded to his questions because he just kept laughing hysterically before eventually opening the door for me to enter the office.

As soon as I got in, I quickly sized the place up and from my observation, it was apparent that many things (which the mouth cannot speak of) had happened in the office while ‘nobody’ was watching.

It was the closest I had been to him, so when I tried to study his face, although there was a smirk on his lips, he still looked rather handsome but was quite old, the wrinkles beside the eyes would not tell a lie about that.

“What is your name and Matric number?”he asked.

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I was getting more worried because the man was looking more dangerous by the passing of each second I stayed in his office.

“I’m sorry, sir” was my reply to the question as I was still shivering where I was. I could not believe that the ‘mouthed’ me could be having a wet palm and feet in front of a human being like me.


Mr Tunde seemed to be enjoying the whole scenario as he soon found something to munch on while humming some popular tunes to himself.

“Is that your name?” he barked at me!

“Do you want to graduate from this school with your body parts complete? Or are you willing to keep having carry over every semester?” his questions were now more confusing as I was not sure if I was meant to respond or if they were simply rhetorics.

“You look very tiny, yet you have set your sights on things that would destroy you,”he continued. “If you love yourself, as soon as you step out of this office, whatever hopes you were nursing about Bisi must be extinguished or else you may regret ever coming to this school.”

I was shell-locked and just stood there, still shaking and looking like I was finally going to let out the waste that was increasingly gathering in my bowels.

I simply said “yes sir” to all that he said and made to leave the office but he called me back, “have I asked you to leave? Or are you already writing your death wish?”

Those questions just got me numb and for the first time since I got the news about the admission, I wished it didn’t happen.



“I am truly sorry sir. I thought you asked me to leave after the advice sir,” were all I could mutter as I was now panting and sweating profusely.

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When he finally discharged me, it was not until I got outside the office that I discovered that there was an air-conditioner inside the Mr Tunde’s dungeon because I was really hot inside the office while the ‘interrogation’ was ongoing. It was just 11.00am.

Remember I had still yet to do my clearance and registration with my course adviser at the time, and it did not even occur to me in anyway that I could just go ahead with it that moment.

I simply rushed to the eatery in front of our department to get a cold bottle of drink because I was feeling dizzy, dehydrated, tired and very weak.

As soon as I finished my drink, I felt a little bit relaxed and could comport myself to make some explanations if the need ever arose before getting back into the classroom.

But, while I was still trying to play back what happened to me in Mr Tunde’s office, guess who appeared before me again?

“Aaarrrgh! Not again”

To be continued next week…

PS: Note that this is a combination of reality and fiction; the writer’s experience and a little bit of fiction based on the writer’s imaginations.


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