Let’s Move Beyond Motor-Park Democracy – DonPedro Obaseki

DonPedro Obaseki has revealed details of his plans to become Edo state governor following what he termed ‘mafia-style politics’ in the state.

Filed photo of Movie producer DonPedro Obaseki and Edo State governor Adams Oshiomhole.

According to Vanguard, the movie director has released a statement to this effect.

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The Igodo director urged the people to support his bid for office, stating that after consulting family members and close associates he believes this is the right time to save the state from ‘the dark abyss of tainted mafia-style politics’ as has been the case in the state.

He also likened his political aspiration to the biblical case of ‘David in the clustered house of Jesse’, even as he beckoned for more support in the arduos task.

Read full statement below:

“Dear Friends, Sisters and Brothers. My name is DonPedro Osaro Agbonifo Obaseki.

“I’m a bona fide son of Edo State. I live in Ward 7, Oredo LGA.

“I herein, via this brief statement, signify my intention to seek nomination as the flag bearer of my party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2016 Edo State Governorship Elections.

“After due and serial consultations with my immediate family, associates, friends, colleagues, as well as traditional, religious and civil leaders, I believe the time is nigh to Make Our Voices Emerge from the dark abyss of tainted mafia-style politics of our dear EDO.

“Most importantly, I’ve sought and received, with utmost humility, the corporate Blessings/endorsements of the Elders Council of the Extended OBASEKI, OGBEIDE’OYO, BAZUAYE-EMEHI, & EZOMO Families (my paternal and maternal families) and these ceremonies will be placed in the public domain in a few days, across all mass media. As a child of Tradition, these endorsements are tangential to my aspirations and ambitions.

“I beg you to join me in this arduous task. As the seeming youngest in the large field of perceived aspirants, I vision myself as the proverbial little DAVID in the clustered House of Jesse. Let’s write a brand new chapter in the chequered history of our Race. I beg you to join me to chart a new course for our Children and their Children’s Children.

“We can do this. Together. Let’s M.O.V.E beyond the acrimonious bickering that put us back. Let’s M.O.V.E beyond the shame of the  totemic “Motor-Park” democracy that envelopes our collective heritage. Let’s put EDO first.

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“In a few days, we shall launch our campaign to seek our party’s nomination, and the Mandate of our great people. God Bless Edo State. God Bless Nigeria. Omon’Oba n’Edo gható kpéré. Isé!”

DonPedro Obaseki is an acclaimed Nollywood producer best known for the movies Igodo in 1999 and Love in 2003.

He also has credits for two documentary projects – Peace Mission and Welcome To Nollywood.