Tips To Help YOU Stay Healthy This Harmattan Season

So its here.. that dry, dusty, cold wind that can transform you from a young dude to an elder so perfectly. (I mean just admit, it’s like God’s own make-up artist for you). Well Harmattans is actually a dusty wind that comes from Sahara. It is usually characterised by cold dry weather in the early hours of the morning and sometimes in the evening. Our body is affected by this weather. Now, What effects could the harmattan have on your health? How can you stay healthy this harmattan?.

The Harmattan could affect your skin and your respiratory system mainly, well that depends on if you expose yourself to it. Now let’s go.
First, your skin.. It will be dry. Your lips and soles of your feet will get cracked up. Harmattan will also break your hair. Then your respiratory system could get affected too. This is because they are lots of air pollutants flowing around that dusty air and they could get inhaled.
Harmattan also causes itchiness of the eye, diarrhea due to food being contaminated and meningitis.

Finally here is the real stuff. Now If you want to get through this weather looking healthy, happy and smart, you will need to apply this tips am about to give you.;-)

1. Take a hot bath and a hot breakfast every morning. You see If you want to work that day a hot bath will invigorate you and keep you warm on the inside. You will feel more stronger and active too.

2. Drink plenty of water. This will help you prevent dehydration which is very common.

3. Vaseline and all other oily creams should always be close by. Apply all over your body. Also the lips too. you could use lip gloss over on the lips too.

4. Wash your eyes regularly and wear warm cloths.

5. If you are asthmatic or a sickler this period could be difficult for you, always carry your inhaler and take extra measures to protect yourself.

6. Cuddle more often. Wait this is for those that have ‘boos’ and ‘bae’. The rest you could just use your pillows or get a giant Teddy bear.

So I end here and I hope you all enjoy this wonderful harmattan ,follow my tips and stay HEALTHY!!! Thank you very much.



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