Rich Youngster Hits Three With Lamborghini

We all know that youngsters nowadays are glued to their mobile phones, but this rude and rich young guy from Indonesia seems to forget where he is. The young man was seen texting while struggling to get out of his Lamborghini supercar after crashing into three people, killing one.

The Lamborghini Gallardo, which was racing against a Ferrari, had just struck a 51-year-old man who was dragged along the street, before smashing head-on into a tree and coming to a halt.

Crash Aftermath

A street race between a Ferrari and a Lambo ended up in tragedy.

The driver was identified as 24-year-old Wiyang Lautner. He was promptly arrested after the incident which occurred in Surabaya on the island of East Java, Indonesia, the Daily Mail reports.

Crash 1

The driver seems to not be bothered by the crash he was part of.

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He was seen calmly texting while halfway out the window of the wrecked car, and afterwards he stood over those injured in the fatal crash, as recorded in a video by a bystander.

It is not known if he was texting for help or talking with someone else.

After losing control of his flash car, Lautner ploughed into a street vendor and a middle-aged couple who were out buying milk.

They have been identified as 51-year-old Mr Kuswanto who died, his wife Ms Srikanti, 41, and Mr Mujianto, 44. The two survivors reportedly suffered broken legs.