First Leaked Image Of The Infinix Zero 3 Camera Sensor

Infinix isn’t giving any smartphone manufacturer the chance to be in the spotlight, just after launching the hotly anticipated Infinix Note 2 last week, the company has started teasing its 2015 flagship, the Infinix Zero 3.

pic 1

Infinix Mobility is using the #HERO3LOGY campaign to aggressively market the next Zero device.

If you are a fan of Infinix Mobility or have been following the brand, the “HERO,” “THENEXTHERO,” and “ZERO2HERO” campaign should be familiar. Infinix Mobility has a formidable track record of teasing its zero series, but if you are unfamiliar with the brand, that’s how they operate and it’s been working like a charm.

At this time, the only concrete image we were able to get from our insider was the “naked” camera senor of the Infinix Zero 3. Unfortunately, we were unable to get more information regarding the specifications of the device, but we do know that the device would be the most sophisticated Infinix smartphone ever released.

pic 3b

Here is the Antutu Benchmark of the Zero 3, it’s pretty clear that’s it going to be a high profile smartphone with the CPU scoring 44245. The Zero 3 will launch on December 15. We will have more information published on the blog as soon as we have them.

A perfect gift for the Christmas? Let’s hear your thoughts.



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