Lynxxx Explains Steps To Take For Lasting Relationships

Lynxxx has shared a few tips on steps to make relationships last longer. According to the musician, the only way to achieve this is through divine means.

File picture of Lynxxx in white traditional outfit.

The Fine Lady singer/ rapper explained that ignoring God and focusing on worldly things today leads to lies, chaos and cheating in many relationships.

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He backed up his statement with the biblical phrase ‘unless the Lord builds a house, those who build it labor in vain’.

The record label executive shared the ‘food for thought’ on his Instagram account on Sunday, December 6, and urged his fans to build relationships on a concrete foundation instead of wasting time on trivial issues.

Read his full post below:

“People often say, Everyone cheats, Women hv learned it from men, men started it bla bla bla… Thats all ‘Worldly Talk’ …alot of us are walking around blind… ‘Spiritually Blind’ and there is only ONE source to restore that aspect of sight and thats from ‘Above’. What is a relationship without God being at the center? Ill tell u… Its full of Chaos, Deceit, selfishness, lies, cheating, etc Why? Because humans are prone to live for Self! We are fallen creatures and getting back up isnt something we can achieve on our Own.. There is no amount of Loubs, Bags or even House u wanna buy for your significant other to make that relationship ‘Secure’ ‘Unless the Lord builds a house, those who build it labor in vain’

“Dont be in the gym working on 6pac while a man with a pot belly is spending time with ur babe.

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“Build you relationships on a Concrete foundation and sleep in Peace. Marriages, relationships, friendships all Weak and suffering today from Lack of Spiritual Life, the moment u realize money is never the answer ,the closer u r to a REAL solution. “The Fear of God Is the beginning of Wisdom” ….do yourself a favor and secure your lives and relationships “Properly”… People do things in the dark because they think YOU cant see them, but never forget as long as u r breathing, GOD is watching… Stop living Aloof, u deserve a life being “Awake” and not being a sleeping Giant… #FoodForThought”

Syndik8 Records boss, Chukie Edozien more popularly known as Lynxxx, is a hip hop artiste with a number of hits to his name.

Beyond music, he has various other entrepreneurial involvements here and there.

He talks a bit about plans to build an empire here. 


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