Saraki Digging His Grave With Social Media Bill – Fawehinmi

Mohammed Fawehinmi, the eldest son of the late human rights activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi has said the senate president, Bukola Saraki is digging his own grave with the newly proposed social media bill.


In an exclusive telephone interview, Fawehinmi who is currently the head of his father’s law Chamber in Lagos, said:

“Saraki will only be digging his own grave because it is a very stupid suggestion for him to insist that the bill will be passed no matter whose ox is gored. I think it’s an incursion and a major invasion on freedom of speech and freedom of expression. He should remember that it is Nigerian people that put him there and the social media is where we express ourselves.

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“We expressed it against President Obasanjo, he didn’t kill people because of it. We expressed it against Yar’Adua and even against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I don’t think anybody died for expressing their opinion or sending caricature of them on the social media. It is a shame and disgrace for such a statement to come from a Senate President.

 “I don’t see what is so special about Saraki. By the grace of God, if he continues like this Nigerians will pray that his case at the Supreme Court goes against him and the CCT will convict him and he will be jailed. You know majority of those in the Senate are those who embezzled the so called national cake of Nigeria and they use the Senate to hide after exhausting their opportunities to become Governors.

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“They had better sit down and think of ways to better the country instead of thinking of ways to cover up their so called embezzlement. That bill will fail. I think the Senate need to sit down and start doing proper work instead of trying to cover up whatever fraudulent practice they might have had in the past.”

Recall that the proposed social media bill which was tagged “A bill for an Act to Prohibit Frivolous Petitions and other Matters Connected therewith” was sponsored by an All Progressive Congress senator, Ibn Na’Allah’, a representative of Kebbi South.


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