Why Mourinho May Be Sacked This Week

Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho could be fired before the end of the week, the Sun reports.

The London-based newspaper claimed that the embattled Chelsea manager may be sacked if the blues fail to beat FC Porto on Wednesday December 9 and Leicester at the weekend.

Jose Mourinho

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Also, Telegraph correspondent Jason Burt posited that the presence of Chelsea owner at the game against Bournemouth sends a signal.

“The fact (Roman) Abramovich was at the game last night counts against Mourinho because the key now is the Champions League match which they can’t afford to lose.

“As the owner watching the game against Bournemouth you think can we guarantee they won’t lose to Porto? I don’t think they can.

“Either they do have faith in him, which is I think is eroding all the time, or they are not sure what to do in terms of a replacement. I think they are considering a number of candidates,” he said.

Meanwhile close source to the club disclosed that the entire management of the team is sad at the status of the club right now.

According to him, Sunday’s training was“very, very flat and depression has eclipsed the whole activities within the club.”

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He posited that Chelsea’s board led by Roman Abrahamovic didn’t demand an explanation from Mourinho after their loss to Bournemouth and left him in place, but another bad week could end that.

However, Mourinho could still bank on the lifeline despite his team floundering in the league as they are still doing well in the Champions League.


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