Human Rights Activist’s Pants Fall While Posing With President

This is probably the most unforgettable and the most embarrasing moment for a Croatian human rights activist, whose pants fell down while he was recieving an award from the country’s president.

Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, Head of Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, was posing with the nation’s first female president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, when the worst possible wardrobe malfunction happened.


The man’s trousers fell down to his ankles, revealing his underwear and leaving Cicak red-faced. The next moment Cicak pulls his pants back up and trying to smile for the picture but his face says it all.

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However, it seems the unexpected slip-up didn’t impress the president, as she is seen keeping a completely straight face during the incident. Fortunately, Cicak was holding a large award certificate in his hands which somehow helped to preserve his modesty.

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The award was presented to Ivan Zvonimir Cicac and the committee in Zagreb for their work ahead of international Human Rights Day which is marked on December 10. Cicac is a renowned Croatian politician and journalist and human rights activist since 1990.


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