FICTION: When You Date An Igbo Guy..

As a 27-year-old Yoruba girl, I’ve had numerous contacts with Igbo boys. The good, the bad and the ugly ones!

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I had so many ideas of a perfect relationship in my mind until I met Obi’m (that’s what Kelechi always wants me to call him). So many images I had in my mind about Igbo boys… they are women beaters, they are this, they are that and all. But I decided to try out my luck and boom! my experience was worth a million dollar!

Kelechi loves sex. He likes to have it just anywhere, anyhow and any manner. He likes it rough. When Kelechi wants to have sex, nothing else matters.

There was a day we were at a wedding in Abuja and right in the middle of the procession, he drew me out of the crowd and before I could say jack, we were already half-naked in the men’s toilet, having a quickie, with his hands frolicking all over me.

Oh well… it was a nice experience. I enjoyed it at first, but at a point, I knew if we continued that way, I might regret the everyday sexual activities. Most times, when I try to complain to him, he shuts me up in a romantic way. Igbo men love sex.

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Igbo men treat their ladies right…(Kelechi really does!) Kelechi spoils me silly! He takes out his time to make sure I am happy. If I am breathing, I must enjoy how I breathe. If it is looking good, I must do it really well. No wonder some of ‘his boys’ call him Odogwu (senior man). When he is going out, he takes me along and the moment we enter a place, he announces to everyone who cares to listen that his girlfriend (me) is a banker. There was a day we got into a boutique and to prove his worth, he bought the whole stock put up for sale in the boutique. The owner of the shop was stunned beyond words. He pampers and surprises me a lot. Igbos take care of their women.

My dear Obi’m is very proud! Allow me say this, he is very arrogant too. He never apologizes. He would rather buy you gifts instead and expects forgiveness automatically. I totally hate this part of him!

So you still have that in mind after all that I’ve done for you? I am a man, don’t bruise my ego… You want me to be kneeling down for you?”, that’s a typical response from Kelechi anytime he notices I’m still reluctant to forgive him.

I forgot to tell you this, just like every man on earth, Kelechi never allows anyone (not even a woman) bruise his ego. You can not successfully tamper with an Igbo man’s ego. Igbo men are very proud.

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Kelechi’s opinion is always the best when it comes to making decisions. Sometimes, my opinions do not matter when Obi’m is all out to get a task done. Evidently, I don’t need to tell you how awful I feel at those times. Kelechi stopped schooling after his primary school education but trust me, he presently controls as a 40-year-old businessman with shops all across the country.

If you don’t go too close to him, you will not see the element of ‘little education’ in him. “I didn’t go to school but I am rich, school doesn’t make you rich”, he tells me anytime I bring up the issue on the importance of education. Igbo men are the alpha and the omega of their homes and lives.

Although  I am not trying to scare ladies away from their Igbo suitors, it is just to note a few of what to expect when you finally settle for an Igbo man.


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