PHOTOS: Male And Female Students Strip Off For Nude Charity Calendar

The male and female students removed their clothes for traditional charity calendar in Camden, Australia.

Please, scroll down for photos below!

While stripping off to promote charity is just becoming a trend in some universities, the vets and bio-scientists of the Sydney University Veterinary Faculty have been taking part in such photoshoots for 30 years. The saucy calendar took more than two weeks to shoot and it’s no disappointment!

Students from the University of Sydney's veterinary science course in Camden have stripped off in their latest annual calendar shoot

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Surrounded by a picturesque rural landscape students are posing with dogs, sheep, calves, cows, chickens and other farm animals to raise money for farmers, their families and animals affected with drought around the country.

Surrounded by a picturesque rural scenery,  four men pose along a utility, as well as a sheep, lamb, dirt bike and a farm dog

Fourth year veterinary bioscience student and media director Matt Clifton said: “We had to work in between everyone’s classes. About 65 students put their hand up and helped out. Anyone who wanted to be in it, were in it.

With natural surroundings, three young women with slipped on cowboy boots, enjoy a sparking wine beside the horse paddock

It was a very exciting day. It was something cheeky and fun for everyone. When we had the first photo taken, everyone kind of just looked around and waited for the first person to make a move and take their clothes off. 

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Four spontaneous men go in for the splash as they plunge into the river with perfectly timed tennis balls placed strategically in the frame

Overall, I don’t think there were any awkward moments – everyone was quite relaxed. And by the time we shot our last group shot, everyone was just comfortable in their own skin.”

With their backside to the camera, four cheeky students and farm animals bared all for the shots as they stare out at the stunning view

The goal of this year’s  calendar was to spread awareness on one of Australia’s worst impacts among the wider community. The worst drought to affect the country occurred in the 21st century–between the years 2003 to 2012.

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The cause has been an age old tradition among aspiring fourth year veterinarians and bio-scientists supporting several charities over time

Nonetheless, many regions of Australia are still in significant drought and rainfall records have showed a marked decrease, with many scientists attributing this to climate change and global warming


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