(Thank you)IMELA-Nathaniel bassey ft Ada _-LYRICS


VERSE 1 (Enitan Adaba):

When i think upon your goodness,

And your faithfulness each day,

I’m convinced it’s not because i am worthy,

To receive the kind of love that you give.

But I’m grateful for your mercy,

And I’m grateful for your grace,

And because  of how you poured out yourself,

I have come to sing this song out in praise.


Imela, Imela

Okaka, Onyekeruwa,

Imela, Imela, Eze m oh

VERSE 2 (Nathaniel bassey):

(Who are mine lord)

Who are mine to sing your praises?

(who are mine to worship you lord)

Who are mine to worship you?

it’s your love that makes the different in me,

And make a way to enter into your throne

I could not come near your presence

I could never sing your song,

But the sacrifice on Calvary’s tree,

Is the reason i can cry out today



Onyedikagi?, Ekene diri gi,

Onyene mme ma

Onyedikagi?, Ekene diri gi,

Onye na gwo’oria



(You’re the king of kings and the lord of lords)

Eze m oh

(We lift you higher, we lift you higher)

Eze m oh

(We give you praises, We give you praises)

Eze m oh.

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