Walter Stewart: More Boots on the Ground, They Say – As Long as They Are Not Wearing Them

Vox Populi

Ruck-up America and grab your carbines and kevlars, it’s war on.

Of course, I wish it were not so, because I’ve been to war and have second place Vietnam War creds to prove it. But hey, stuff happens, any national cemetery knows that.

I don’t think the current war – this one not only undeclared, but unnamed — had to happen, and I suspect our 40-plus years of post-draft snoozing is the reason it did. Pericles of ancient Athens predicted as much twenty-four centuries ago.

Pericles’ capture of the consequences of citizen somnambulance is right there in Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War (Penguin Classics translation):

“For it is impossible for a man to put forward fair and honest views about our affairs if he has not, like everyone else, children whose lives may be at stake.”

Fair and honest views, how quaint!

The ancient Greeks knew a lot about…

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