Updates:: Fix For New Issues Affecting Qsat Codes

Q-sat-Q13g-HD-decoder-with-DSTV-Canalsat-and-JSC-20pcs-lot.jpg_250x250It is no longer news that canalsat on 22.0W has been working relatively stable on qsat spycam codes for a while now. What is news however, is the fact that some sections of qsat users are complaining that their decoders refuse to work after new account recharge. Some also complains that their own codes simply stopped working.


In this article, i shall be discussing how to handle this challenge of qsat code recharging and channels decryption. Before I proceed, i will first highlight those who can currently enjoying stable  canalsat channels or and freezing dst* channels on qsat decoders.

To have any chance of watching any scrambled channels on Qsat decoder as of Today 16 /12/2015, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be sure you are not using an avartarcam code on your qsat(I myself is using avatarcam code and nothing is working for me. not even the freezing dst* channels)
  • You must be sure you are having a spycam code loaded not later than end of october(I have come to observe that some codes are off on qsat and those majorly affected are those who loaded ther codes before October 2015)
  • You must have more than one active internet connection that is not a 4g network(for example in Nigeria, you can have etisalat and glo, or airtel and Mtn or glo and mtn, glo and airtel..)
  • You must have loaded the latest available spycam software into your decoder and if you are using q26g or q28g, please do not load powervu software or softcam software if you are indded serious about watching canalsat channels or dst* channels on spycam.(If you already loade a spycam software, please downgrade one step to a non-spycam software.
  • Also make sure you scan your canalsat channels on 22w and dst* on 36.e or 68e(S.A)
  • Also be aware that you cannot force dst* channels to be stable on spycam codes for now, because dst* channels is generally unstable currently.
  • Be prepare to get another dish for canalsat channels and if you do not mind, you can turn your existing dst* dish to the position of canalsat(You need a professional installer to help you do this).


Many qsat users, especially those who have a totally expired qsat decoder always forgetfully ignore two of the most important steps to renewing your expired qsat. This steps are; latest compatible software and good compatible internet connection. If you ignore the above steps, you shall have a failed code recharging by 100%. We have three new qsat errors which are i. “please wait” for longer than 5 minutes error,“active code expired or box has no account error” and “welcome to server”without showing any scrambled channel error.

Note: For those who still know nothingabout canalsat channels, please read this article carefully.


Solution: this is either a software or an internet problem. If you have hitherto been performing all your qsat software updates regularly, then this problem is caused by your poor or weak or incompatible internet connection. “please change your internet connection”however, if you have missed a load of previous qsat software updates, i will advice you to downgrade your qsat to an older version>>factory reset your qsat>>then upgrade to the latest compatible spycam software. To solve all issues relating to account rechargingand software compatibility, please read this.

HELP; I receive “active code expired or box hasn’t account” when trying to load my new spycam code

SOLUTION: this error messge pop-up only when you have not actually loaded the code(although you think you have loaded it. The error can also come up if you were hitherto using an avatarcam code on your qqsat and you have not loaded a compatible spycam software before attempting to load your new code. To solve this simply make sure you have loaded the newest compatible v7 software then complete the followings: >>setting>>xcam setup >>spycam /speedcam
>>active code>>OK button >>enter /input the 10 digits
code>>OK button >>press red or green button your new expiry date will appear reflecting the code just loaded and immediately active code will turn to 0000000000. To download the compatible software for your decoder, please read this  or this

HELP; My qsat displays “welcome to server and the remaining days yet i cannot watch any scrambled channel”

SOLUTION: This can be caused by various reasons. first thing first, make sure the satellite channels you are trying to watch is online on qsat as at the time you are experiencing this. For example, if you are trying to watch dst* on qsat spycam while dst* is off, then you have no problem as you are not alone in this. But once you confirm that dst* or canalsat is offline and yours is offline, then perform the following troubleshooting:

  • 201296165555If you are using mtn Nigeria or whichever network you are using, please change the network, restart your decoder and leave it on a particular channel that you are sure is online. for example, whenever dst* id online, ss5ni, ss3 or ss7ni are mostly online. once you change your internet connection, you need to wait on one channel for at least 7 minutes before changing channels
  • Try scanning canalsat channels if you were initially trying it on dst* channels
  • if you have a two months or older spycam code and you are still out of luck, you may consider buying a new spycam code that will be added to your existing spycam and your channels will open. Alternatively, you may choose to wait until qsat fix the problems of codes that are offline.
  • Another thing you must consider is to make sure you have the latest available v7 software.


From the above explanations, we are made to understand that qsat is currently opening scrambled channels. Just that dst* is less stable than canalsat channels. I was slso able to establish the fact that some old spycam codes are of for now, avatarcam codes are aslos offline currently.Finally i made you understand that if you have a spycam that is offline, you can get back in actions by buying a new working spycam code which will top-up your existing days which means you will have nothing to loose but much to gain. Finally, if you are ready to buy a new working spycam code, send your request in an email to



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