20 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is big— very big. Schools and colleges commonly take a week or longer break at this time, some businesses shut down to give their employees time off, many families plan trips and get-togethers, and some people darken the door of a church for perhaps the first time all year. Banks, government houses, recreational centers put up  wonderful decorations.

So it’s not surprising that I get some pretty shocked looks when I tell people I don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s pretty unusual for anyone.

So what’s up with this? Why would anyone not want to celebrate Christmas like nearly everybody else? Are there valid reasons for not participating in all the holiday hoopla?

1. Christmas is driven by commercialism.

2. Christmas is nowhere mentioned in the Bible.

3. Jesus wasn’t born on or near December 25.

4. The Christmas holiday is largely a recycled pagan celebration.

5. God condemns using pagan customs to worship Him.

6. Christmas is worshipping God in vain.

7. You can’t put Christ back into something He was never in.

8. The Bible nowhere tells us to observe a holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth —but it clearly does tell us to commemorate His death.

9. Christmas obscures God’s plan for mankind.

10. I’d rather celebrate the Holy Days Jesus Christ and the apostles observed.
God (1 Cor. 11:25-26).

There are many pointers to the fact that Christmas is devilish. The celebration is characterized by:
1. Highest level of immortality
2. Unprecedented high level of accidents and deaths
3. Prevalence of occultism and rituals
4. Insatiable quest for worldly gains
5. Regrettable display of waste of time and resources
6. Bribery and corruption tangencies
7. Exploitation of the masses by religious houses and groups
8. Religious bigotry
9. Economic hardship and inflation
10. Spiritual thuggery

I’ve given you my top 20 reasons for not celebrating Christmas. What do you suppose God thinks of your reasons for continuing to observe it?

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