Suspected Suicide Bomber Is Alleged Cross-dressed Homo

A man dressed as a female has been reportedly caught and arrested on suspicion of terrorist attack on Friday morning at the ECWA church in Biliri LGA in Gombe state.

Muslim youths who were reportedly guarding the church on Christmas day apprehended an alleged suicide bomber in his late twenties who was carrying the explosives, The Whistler reports.

However, the police in Gombe state has later reported that no explosive device was found on the suspect.

Fwaje Atajiri, the police public relations officer in the state, confirmed the arrest and said the suspect was being questioned.

Faruk Dankuka, the chairman of caretaker committee of Billiri local government council of Gombe state, also looked into the matter and after an investigation he debunked rumors about the bomber.


“Police arrested someone in Komta village, but the news has started going round that the suspect was trying to plant a bomb. The information we gathered from police is that no device was found with him. He was just one of those that dresses like women.

“From the ongoing investigation, the man could be one of the homosexuals. For now, nobody can say he is a suicide bomber or not until investigation is concluded,” Dankuka said.

Dankuka called on the people to continue to live in peace and to be their brothers’ keeper at all times as well as to be security-conscious.

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