The Things that Make You Remarkable Go Beyond Talent

Lack of self-awareness is a great comfort to arrogance. It’s taken me half a life-time to see that I’m not nearly as talented as I thought.

That’s not a pathetic plea for sympathy. It’s a freeing observation that allows me to worry less about my talent and more about contributing to others.

lack of self-awareness is a great comfort to arrogance.png

Albert Einstein wrote in a letter to Carl Seelig, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” He was almost 73 years old.

Talent opens doors, but talent alone won’t finish the race.

  1. Talent competes. Leaders release.
  2. Talent fixes. Love serves.
  3. Talent knows. Humility listens.

Two things that require no talent:

The belief that you are highly talented is an obstacle until it’s combined with love and character.


When have you ever heard someone say, “I have the talent of love.” It’s an insult to even think it.

Love is more about courage than talent. Is the world big enough for you to find the courage to seek another’s highest good? (If you’re uncomfortable using the term love in a leadership context, think caring.)


Honesty isn’t a talent.

How are you practicing; honesty, openness, or respect? None of these leadership practices require any talent in the least.

Humility takes no talent. It’s a practice. You might begin developing it by honoring the talent of others.

Character requires repetition, not talent.

Talent is important, but the things that make you remarkable go beyond talent to things like love and character.

What are some things that make leaders remarkable, but don’t take talent?


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