New sport HD 24 SAT frequency and position

​Yesterday the 10th of May 2016, sports HD 24 on 22w cband went off.  I mean they practically left that particular position. This was expected since some few weeks ago,  they reduced their beam which prevented 1 meter dish from scan the channels. In this article,  I shall be providing alternative and working new satellite position for sports HD 24 and tips on how to scan this



All you need to have are what you already have kind of. Just that,  minimum of 1.8meter dish is needed in most part of Nigeria in other to have a chance of getting the signal. Secondly ,  if you have auto roll powervu decoders like gsky v6,  just blindscan after tracking the new position. If you use strong, you may attempt to use old keys to open it because I don’t think they have changed the keys. 


  1. The new position where you can track sports HD 24 package is INTELSAT 903 @ 34.5° WEST. See the frequency below:- SPORT24 4090 V 20670.
  2. In other to track it and get it easily,  you need to first track nta on the same 34.5w using the following frequency : NTA 3778 H 3775
  3. Once you have gotten NTA successfully,  blindscan your decoder in other to get sports HD 24 and some other few channels like:  RTI 1 3643 H 3220. NTA 3778 H 3775. AFN 4127 H 3680. SPORT24 4090 V 20670

That is all you need to do and you are good to go. All other things being equal,  your sports HD 24 will be back on your screen. Please share this with friends and families


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