Ntel Unlimited 4g Network – The Cheapest & Fastest

 I shall be introducing you to the world of the cheapest 4g network in Nigeria.We already have at least four 4g networks in Nigeria, namely; Swift, smile, cobranet, spectranet… . All these newtork make use of no sim card and they are limited to Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Benin….Some of this networks, do not qualify to be called 4g network has at times, the speed becomes so slow that even a normal 3g network is faster. Am happy to say that all these are about to change with a bang. The new entrant into the world of 4g netetowks in Nigeria is taking it by storm with embodiment of unbelievable packages. The Name “Ntel”.

ntel obile number


Ntel launched their LTE service in Lagos and Abuja on April 8, and Port Harcourt will join in the fun, in May. Interesting. They are offering their “Pioneers” (first 100,000 people to activate their ntel SIMs) free on-net calls for life. They’ve also promised up to 230Mbps internet speeds (what?), and unlimited data for 3 months.

note!! please go and reserve a number for yourself immediately on their official website http://www.ntel.com.ng/ if you want to benefit from their 100,000 subscriber. I really wish the can make good their promises


The CEO of the company says and i quote:

He said, “Our very earliest customers will be able to buy and use these services in clusters, across Lagos and Abuja from sales outlets and agents featuring our bright new brand name.”

ntel, Nigeria’s fifth mobile network operator, announced that the commencement of operations was the culmination of its journey from acquiring the old NiTel/MTel assets to the delivery of successive milestones underlining its growing operating capability on its new fixed and mobile network infrastructure.

With the formal commencement, commercial services will be available on ntel’s 4G/LTE-Advanced network across key site clusters in Lagos and Abuja.

“Coverage in Port Harcourt will follow during May, along with expanded coverage in Lagos and Abuja, and subsequently to other states, across multiple geo-political zones, during the second half of 2016,” the ntel CEO said.

Abass(that is the name of the CEO) said that mobile coverage would grow steadily and strongly over the next four to six weeks across Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.



The proposed prices am given below is subject to changes without prior notice and like i said earlier, this network will first be available in Lagos, Abuja and PortHarcourt

  • Starter plan: #1,000 3 days validity / unlimited data / 30 minutes voice call / sms
  • standard plan:#2,400 / 7 days/ unlimited / 70 min calls / sms
  • monthly plan: #9,000 / 30 days / unlimited data / 300 min / sms.

Use the two pictures as your references to derive more rumored information about this network.

price of ntel 1prices of ntel data 2











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