We are not new to mbc packages on Nilesat. They are very good at showing recent interesting movies . it works with small 90cm dish. Please enjoy this while it last. This is because, whether you like it or not, it may go off someday.

Azsky working at last

This is a  free to air solution meaning you do not need any special keys or account to open. Just your basic multipurpose or free to air decoder will do the magic.  Please make sure you use a good Ku Lnb THAT HAS BEEN VERIFIED TO BE WORKING FINE

Satellite position is on : Eutelsat 7A @ 7.3 degree West

frequency are: 11559 V 27500, 11595 V 27500. In Nigeria, you can nail this bird with just 90 cm dish and HD free to air receiver. Channels available on this position include :
1. Aljazeera HD
3. MBC 1
4. MBC 2
5. MBC 3
6. MBC 4
7. MBC Action
8. MBC Max
9. MBC Bollywood
10. MBC Drama
11. MBC Group 1
12. MBC Group 2
13. MBC Group 3
14. MBC Group 4
15. MBC Group 5
16. Wisal Hausa TV
17. Manara TV etc.
Note= Use HD free to air receiver like strong 4920, 4922 or 4922a and a good LNB to track. In Nigeria and neighboring countries, 90 cm dish is okay. For those in Eastern Africa region such as my beloved Kenya and Tanzania,  use 1 metre dish size. Like i said above, please enjoy this while it last.


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