Soccer Season & Olympics Updates- How Do I Enjoy It?2016/17

In this article, you will be hinted about the reliable ways by which you can enjoy 2016 / 2017 cheaply. I mean this article is directly for anyone who believes he is been exploited by local  satellite providers. This site and the contents therein are also good for those who believe the utility they derive from consuming a satellite package / subscription(for example if you spend just 5 days at home and you are paying #15,000 monthly as sat subscription it means you are not deriving any utility)/ I mean this is not for the rich ones. The rich ones can only go for premium iptv packages because that is the only unofficial package out there that can tackle any official packages the world over.

when will 2016/2017 season starts


  • UEFA Champions league First qualifying round, first leg: 28–29/06/16
  • UEFA Champions league Play-off round, first leg: 16–17/08/16:
  • UEFA Champions league Group stage, matchday one:13–14/09/16  (In other words, the group stages will be played between 13 and 14th day of September, 2016
  • The final shall be playedCardiff’s National Stadium of Wales
  • Olympic Games Rio 2016 will be between August 5 – 21
  • English Premier league will be more interesting this season than it was in the past 3 seasons s as Mou and Pep will continue their rivalries as manager in English top flight league. The two other big clubs also have great minds as manager in the person of Conte and Klopp of Chelsea and Liverpoolrespectively. Barclays Premiership starts on August 13 2016 and the first match will be played between “hull city and Leicester city”
  • Spanish La Liga will commence on Friday 19th of August 2016 and the first match will be between Malaga and Osasuna. Barcelona will play first match on 20th.
  • German Bundesliga will commence on Friday 26 August 2016 first match is between Bayern Munich and Werder
  • Italian Serie A is scheduled to start on Sunday 21 August 2016; 1st match is between Inter milan and Chievo
  • France Ligue 1 WILL START ON Friday 12 August and first Matches will be played between Bastia and Paris SG
  • For Tennis enthusiasts like me, we also have both US open and Us open series in August.


I will group the devices you can use to watch sports and other programs into two. The first part belongs to those devices or packages that are at least 2 seasons old and with history of stability and reliability. The second categories will belong to the cheap unstable devices as well as some devices that may come back for the season. I will also do a stability and reliability ratings of each.

  • Homelive premium Iptv Account: This devices is morethan two years old now and instead of waning, it is going stronger. Homelive account started only on ancloud p5 iptv box, but today you can use homelive account on any android devices. Stability(this depends on the strength of your internet) is 99% reliability is 95% and support 100%. More details about homlive iptv herehere and here
  • Orbit premium iptv account:with due respect, we cannot really throw our full weight on the reliabilty of an account that is less than 3 months old. However, this season will test the resolve of this new entrant. learn more about orbit here. Stability is 85% and reliability cannot be determined for now. it is too early. Note;plans are underway to integrate orbit iptv server into Gsky decoders. Once this has been done, i will update the house
  • Free Iptv packages: like kodi or other free ones for mobile phones like sports tv, mobrod…. reliability is 55%, stability 68%, convenience 45%. Learn more here andhere

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I will also be arranging this in order of reliability, consistency, stability,and support. Top of the chart is:

  • Gsky POWERVU auto-roll Solution: This is the best in the game and it is a few weeks more than a year old. It is also the very first unofficial Auto-roll decoder that in Africa. It has the most powervu  channels around. The much sought after aremtn worldwide, sony and afnall of which are opened automatically by Gsky. If you are new to this or you want to enlarged your knowledge of this device: please read this article very carefully.Stability: 90%, reliability 90%, support 100% and consistency is 90%
  • Alpha Box x4 and X6: This is second only to gsky in terms of performance. However, it is more in circulation because of its cheap built and price. Alpha box need no introduction. Stability87%, reliability 83%.
  • Other Auto roll decoders:Most auto roll decoders apart from Gsky only opens mtn worldwide automatically but they augment this with option to insert manual keys. others uses internet to auto roll while gsky needs no internet whatsoever before they auto-roll
  • Full manual powervu decoders: Out of all manual powervu decoders out there, only strong decoder(especially 4922) comes out on top.

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The only constraint to powervu channels is that it requires a bigger dish than your normal small dish


By iks i mean internet keys sharing method. this method uses very low internet data i mean its 300% lower than what iptv will use. At the same time, iks will requires relatively stable internet connection to work. Iks is not independent of internet like powervu. I will also arrange this in order of priority and the best will come first

  • HOTBIRD 13E & HIPASAT 30W: This open beam has been working with little difficulties for more than 6 years. Thanks to the big dish requires to nail it and also thanks to the fact that the position is not run by a particular sat provider. we have many accounts that can open hotbird which includes: preloaded gsky scam account, gsky kcam account, third parties cccam accounts and Gshare accounts for tlink and tiger. Hipasat is also quiet good. Hotbird reliability: 99.5%, stability 80%
  • CANAL REUNION 16E & ZAP 36E REBIRTH: For east African Countries and other African countries who can receive canal reunion or and zap, their is a new stable cccam account for that purpose. Nigerians and other west African countries, please steer clear as no matter the size of your dish, you cannot receive canal reunion and zap. To buy your cccam account, you can contact me via email.Stability: 88%, reliability 70%
  • METRO CCCAM ACCOUNT:This is also more than two years old. However this account is limited to some south southern Nigeria cities where there is metro channels signal. It also works on special decoders with t2 capabilities examples of such decoders are q28g and x6. learn more about metro here. Stability is 85% reliability 90%
  • STARTIMES CCCAM ACCOUNT: Startimes was blocked around four weeks ago and we are still waiting for it to come back. It was blocked so fast because the account became so cheap and you can use even the smallest available dish to track the channels. Do you know that startimes cccam has been available for the past 2 years, just that it was made popular about three months ago because of lack of a cheaper alternatives. I sensed a comeback in the air for the new season. Stability while it was working 82%, convenience 100%, reliability : too delicate to decide but it should be given below 50%.
  • ALMIGHTY QSAT: Qsat is a household name even though most qsat customers are currently using the decoders for other purposes such as fta, cccam powervu and so on. When qsat is on, it is the most convenient to use but the downtimes nowadays outweighs the uptime. I also predicts the comeback of qsat before the end of 2016 / 2017 season especially on canal 22w. Stability while working 65%, reliability 47%, convenience 100%
  • Free to Air satellite Channels: These are 100% free channels you can learn more about such channels and their frequencies hereand here
  • OTHERS: By others i mean, you should expect other devices to spring up during the course of the season. I will advice you to beware before buying new decoders. If any reliable device or account comes up, be sure to get information from me about this here on this site

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