Finding comfort in pain 5 

If you’ve been at a hospital to say goodbye to a loved one, at the scene of a natural disaster, at the funeral of a child, in the midst of a divorce, or another terrible crisis, you’ve likely asked, “What’s the point of my life?”

Like nothing else, terrible trials have a way of stripping away everything until we’re left staring at the remaining, fragile pieces of our lives with this question, “Do these parts really matter?” We’ve worked hard, done right, obeyed, prayed, eaten healthy, gone to church, helped others, read the Bible, and still this horrible tragedy is happening.

If living right doesn’t guarantee a happy life, does it matter what I do? Does my life count? These questions are in the Bible, and so are the answers. The answers aren’t very easy, but they’re very good.

A well-cared-for earthly life will grow like a green, healthy field, full of beautiful flowers, and ripe for harvest. Yet, this field will wither, storms will destroy crops, and flowers will fall as seasons change. But, God’s Word endures forever.

When we decided to follow Jesus, we made a place for His Word to grow in our hearts. Our flesh will fail, but now with this seed planted in us we will live forever. Trials are temporary, but God’s Word in us—His life in us—is permanent.

As you read through today’s passages and think about the trials of earthly life, ask, “Why would Jesus join me here?”

Where are you looking to find the reason for your life?

God, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Jesus. Thank You for the Holy Spirit. I believe my trial is temporary and Your words are forever. Will you help me know the reason for my time on Earth?

Ecc 3:1-8

Micah 6:8

1peter 1:23-25

John 10:10

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