While the truth comes limping after

img_8247 I have this friend who works for the Red Cross.

img_8238 She just came back from West Africa, she was there during the Ebola outbreak.

img_3020 One of her jobs was disposing of dead bodies.

img_3024 Which, in an Ebola outbreak, is about the most dangerous thing you can do.

img_3001 She would arrive in a village in a two-layer hazmat suit, dragging a tank full of chlorine.

img_8769 People stopped shaking hands with each other in the first weeks of the outbreak. She would greet families whose relative just died by waving, standing two feet away.

img_8740 Then she would go into their house, wrap the body of their mother or son or uncle in black plastic and take it away. Then come back to spray down the room with chlorine.

img_8724 In most cases, it was already too late for the people living there. The virus was in their bloodstream, there was nothing she could…

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