Chibuike okey an electrical electronics with computer engineer from Nigeria

Also a gospel artist in abuja Nigeria s capital City

We are here to give you all we’ve got to share both technically and entertaining with all you want just ask and we deliver


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  1. Garry Umphress says:

    Impressive the amount of history you’re blog encompasses.
    I have the ability to share something that may have the ability to shed more light on and potentially re-frame the landscape of Colonialism and Imperialism.
    Before sharing … would it be rude or imprope of me to ask you what is a gospel artist?


    1. davidever says:

      A gospel artist is a Person that ministers the gospel thru songs spiritual

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      1. Garry Umphress says:

        Thank you and may Jesus of Nazareth bless you mightily.


      2. Garry Umphress says:

        Thanks for seeing and re- blogging God’s hand moving/ exec. summary.
        Hope you and your readers receive https://widgets.wp.com/notifications/2187142951#God's grace and rest in these truths.


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